Round 2 ends with yet another ridiculous gift. Finn better get on with unlocking electricity as at the moment this television is of no use whatsoever.

Haha, this picture makes me laugh so much! Diana and Finn headed upstairs for some woohoo but Diana popped before they could get to the bed. 

In her spare time Moira continues to work on her pottery, and earns her Bronze Talent Badge :)

With a lack of anyone else better qualified for the position, Finn starts to learn the Mechanical skill required to unlock electricity and running water in Smuggler’s Bay.

Moira rolled the want to get engaged to Pip Appleyard, so she invited him round for a date. They end up going steady, but as a Pleasure/Romance sim whose LTW is to have 10 First Dates, Pip isn’t too happy about it.

Mr and Mrs Cavendish don’t waste any time in trying out their new bedroom, despite Claire Fontaine admiring the painting hanging above their bed. And Diana gets pregnant on their first try!

Their engagement lasts all of 10 (sim) minutes, and Diana joins the family as Diana Cavendish :)

Round 2 at the Cavendish’s kicks off with Finn proposing to Diana. She’s over the moon, as you can see :)

The round ends with Antony taking over flower arranging whilst Claire has a well-deserved nap :)

Claire is soon distracted from flower arranging, however, by the first pains of labour. Antony quickly rushes upstairs to help her through the process, but there’s not much he can do. Before long, the first baby in Smuggler’s Bay is born, and it’s a girl! Her name is Noelle Fontaine, and her traits are Flirty and Hot-Headed - both from Antony :)

The next morning Antony cares for the garden whilst Claire works on replenishing the stock that was sold yesterday, earning her Bronze talent badge in the process :) Now she can make more interesting arrangements than just bunches of daisies!

By the end of the day almost all their stock is sold and Claire is so tired she falls asleep in the pasta that Antony made. Antony does not look impressed.

The couple make quite a lot of progress for their first day of business! Antony chooses the cash rewards each time, as with a baby on the way the Fontaine’s are in need of some extra money :)

Claire is cashier, but with no badges her customers will have to wait a while before she rings them up. I’m sure that can’t be good for the baby!

The flower shop isn’t that much to look at, but the whole Merrick family stopped by and bought some flowers to show their support of the venture. It’s the first step towards encouraging more individuals to move to Smuggler’s Bay.